Vegan restaurant

Open hours

Monday - 12:00-21:30
Tuesday - 12:00-21:30
Wednesday - 12:00-21:30
Thursday - 12:00-21:30
Friday - 12:00-22:30
Saturday - 12:00-22:30
Sunday - 12:00-21:30


ul. "Zlatarska" 9, 4000 Kapana, Plovdiv


0879 588 988

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The food

The food, except to be tasty, can be also very useful - to load us with energy, to refresh us, to heal us and to make us happy. In "Veggic" restaurant this is completely possible and we cook guided by this principle.

The products

We prepare deserts from revived seeds and nuts, raw and dried fruits, cacao and cocoa butter, super foods like chia, poppy, spirulina e.t.c. Salt is replaced completely by Himalaya salt, white shugar is replaced by raw cane shugar , maple syrup, honey, agave and stevia.


Thermal threatment is possible most friendly, to preserve the welth of vitamines, minerals microelements and omega - fatty acids in the food. We dry on dryer up to 48 degrees (celsius), food praparation is mainly on steam and oven. Frying and microwave are not used in our kitchen. We prepare bread with leaven and soda cakes from whole grain flours - wheat, rye and einkorn wheat. We bake cakes from gluten - free flours.